It all started with a citrus fruit

We were sipping a delicious yuzu liqueur one evening in a bar in Tokyo. We all came from different backgrounds – advertising, journalism, business consulting, academia – but we all realized we faced a similar problem.

Companies often presented us with problems that seemed superficially similar, but in fact had dramatically different roots and solutions. Yet agencies and consultancies offered only cookie cutter solutions that served their own expertise (and margins) best.

The results were often half-baked, and failed to take into account insights from the huge diversity of specialists engaging with culture, marketing, and economic life through different approaches.

So we set out to create a new sort of firm. One that values interdisciplinarity, diversity of insights, and focuses on meeting the challenge at hand – rather than trying to make it fight pre-existing frameworks.

Our approach is flexible. We believe that eclecticism is a strength; that multiple points of view are the key to meaningful solutions; that unique questions require unique solutions – and that all projects are unique.