Yuzu Kyodai believes that every project has its own, unique solution.

After assembling the bespoke team, we then proceed through a process of insight and formulation of preliminary solutions.

Each stage is constructed from an array of approaches on the bases of what suit each project best.


We scope the problem to better understand its context...

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Formulating, building, and realizing solutions...

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Traditional methodologies, new approaches

We believe that great insights come from profound understanding.

With a full suite of qualitative research methods at our fingertips – in addition to cutting edge new methodologies – we are able to tailor the right set of approaches to your unique business challenge.

Traditional Methodologies


Discussion Group

Intimate groups of target and leading consumers, expertly moderated to delve deep into consumer relationships with brands. We don’t just test ideas, we find opportunities


Consumer Close-up

One-on-one interview sessions with carefully selected representative consumers and category experts. Designed for frank and personal discussions to get close up to the market reality



Extended creative sessions to bring consumers and experts together to not only evaluate but co-create and develop on ideas. An opportunity for you to talk to your consumer


Shop Along

Seeing retail through the lens of the customer. We follow consumers on their purchase journey through retail spaces. Unmasking drivers and barriers in the field and finding what really matters


In-house Ethnography

Going in to the homes of our target to get a closer look at the world they live in, enabling us to delve into the contextual reality that form the basis for their product and brand engagement

New Approaches

In-Situ Enthography

Certain challenges need to be explored where they happen. We go to consumer and retail spaces to observe and interact, learning first hand how brands and experiences are lived out.

Bars, restaurants, insurance brokers, estate agents, car dealerships or travel agents are all loci of ethnographic research aimed at honing in on those important details that define the brand relationship.

We routinely use this as an initial primer and to start building hypotheses around specific touch point engagement.

Commercial Semiotics

Instead of talking to consumers to get to answers, commercial semiotics sets out to understand the challenge through the lens of cultural artefacts – from advertisements, packaging, TV shows, and popular music, right through to cultural practices, such as holidays, events, and seasonal changes. These all constitute the subliminal ‘rule book’ consumers use to engage with the brands they consume.

With a trained eye in finding themes, rules, and codes, semiotics aims to build a framework with which to understand the consumer-brand relationship. This allows us to take a step back and find untapped directions and blank spaces that manage to be novel, yet culturally resonant with consumers.


Experts – which range from professionals who utilize particular products as part of their work, to ‘influencers’ who have established themselves as purveyors of taste – are a crucial resource in determining the success and positioning of a new product. At Yuzu Kyodai, we believe in cultivating strong personal connections with these groups, and using our engagement with them in two different ways.

First, as sources of information, taking the time to discuss the perception of a product provides unparalleled insight into the market from someone with profound engagement with the market space.

Second, by bringing experts on-side, we can utilize their influence and reach to bolster the reputation and perception of the product with keystone agents in the marketing ecosystem.


Using newly developed technology to find key topics and conversations about the business issue, brands, categories, social trends, news stories or cultural themes of your choice.

All information is gathered from public sources – news sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, magazines, and other key media. We are able to follow how ideas spread and find key influencers in the internet sphere – understand the triggers that lie behind.

The objective of this methodology is to refine mere digital chatter into powerful insight.


Business impact grounded in culture

Our expertise isn’t just in understanding the problem – it’s in devising the best possible solution.

All successful projects – no matter how big or small – exist at the intersection between brand, business, and culture. Our goal is to partner with you, to turn your challenges into quantifiable goals – and then help you get there.

What we do to solve the problem


No solution works without a proper understanding of the problem you are dealing with. Working with what you know, we find new ways to tackle the challenge – by generating new insights, contextualization, and closely analyzing what your requirements are.

To us, this is the most crucial part of any project – understanding precisely what it is, and devising mechanisms to address all of its diverse requirements. For more information on the methods we use to arrive at our insights, see here.


Innovation is not the sole property of a lone genius in a lab. Nor is it simply the result of a single moment of luck. At Yuzu Kyodai, we believe innovative ideas come from combining understanding, insight and creativity in new and unique ways all qualities which our team has in abundance.

We couple the startup spirit of Yuzu Kyodai with a rigorous and systematic approach to help nurture your company’s innovation capacity. We design and operate internal acceleration programs to reduce the length and cost of your product development cycles, setting up company-internal innovation labs and teams to bring out the best in your staff. We also facilitate open innovation to open your company to the best ideas, be they from external collaborators, startups or your customers.


Once we have developed the core message and feel of a project, we move on to formulating and enacting the most effective modes of communication for each project.

Core to this is our partnership with creators: artists, designers & digital experts, experts in localising your existing communication strategies, while using aesthetic and stylistic tools, grammar, and styles that work most effectively in an array of sometimes idiosyncratic markets

Market Entry & Venture

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of the Yuzu Kyodai team’s philosophy, and as such we know how to bootstrap a new venture.

Our team also has experience in the more practical elements of breaking into a new market. This includes building the right network of influencers for spreading the word; sourcing and negotiating with distributors; and handling all aspects of representation in Japan.

We can also purloin this knowledge the other way, to help Japanese companies, from startups to large corporations, in their efforts to go global, brokering the right connections and building a brand for international markets.